Admissions: Application and Timeline


2025-2026 Admissions 

We are NOT accepting applications for the 2024-2025 academic year. We accept applications once a year in December of the year prior to enrollment. Please see our timeline for the upcoming admissions cycle.
Admissions Timeline for 2025-2026

AOC Information Meeting (Zoom) November 6, 2024; November 7, 2024; OR November 13, 2024 All interested applicants must attend an information meeting (attendance is taken during meeting)
Application Link Available (emailed) November 14, 2024 Application link will be sent to those who attended an information meeting
AOC 2025-2026 Application Due December 6, 2024 at 3pm Application must be submitted by the due date and time to be considered for admission
Out of district paperwork due*  January 17, 2025 at 3pm Out of district applicants must submit additional documents reviewed during the AOC Information night*
AOC 2025-2026 Applications Reviewed December - February AOC reviews applications and if needed communicates with applicants via email
Applicant provided lottery information (emailed) Early-February 2025 AOC sends email with lottery process to all applicants
AOC Lottery Results  February 20, 2025 AOC posts lottery results online 
Accept/Decline deadline March 3, 2025 at 3pm Families must accept/decline admission via online form by due date and time
Waitlist offers, if needed March 4-13, 2025 AOC contacts waitlisted families, only if there are available spots
AOC and COC Welcome Meeting Tentatively, March 18, 19, OR 25 All students who accept admission must attend an AOC Welcome Meeting to complete AOC/COC enrollment.
AOC/COC Registration Day Mid-May 2025 All admitted students must complete registration for COC (pay their fees).
  1. If you reside in the Hart District boundaries, but your child attends a NON-Hart District junior high or high school. We ask for additional paperwork because we do not have access to the student’s record. Out of district schools include: Castaic middle school, Trinity, OLPH, Valley Christian, Charter Schools, SCVI, LAUSD, etc.
  2. Additional documents include: Transcript or Report Cards for 7th and 8th grade or most current grade; Most recent progress report; Attendance Report or letter; Discipline/Behavior Report or letter; IEP/504 (if applicable)
  3. Documents can be submitted via email to [email protected] or in-person