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CCR/CTE Career Pathways

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What are CTE Career Pathways?
CTE Career Pathways are similar to majoring in college, except that you may start your learning experience in middle or high school. Every student, no matter what their post-secondary plans are, can benefit by selecting and following a sequence of career related classes designed for their area of interest.
How do you complete a CTE Career Pathway?
To complete a CTE Pathway, the minimum required course levels are:
  • 1 year of a concentrator level course followed by 1 year of a capstone.
  • A CTE completer is a student who takes a concentrator and capstone in the proper sequence: IA, IB, IIA, IIB.
  • Grades of C- or higher are required in every course in a CTE Pathway sequence.
  • A student should not take the next course in the CTE Pathway sequence until a grade of C- or higher is earned.
Due to the nature of AOC being a Middle College High School, students cannot take CTE classes during the day, instead students who are interested in completing a CTE Career Pathway take CCR Extended Day Classes. Please read below to learn more about CCR Extended Day Classes. 
CCR Extended Day CTE Career Pathways
  • Courses needed to complete these pathways are offered after school
  • Courses meet at various sites throughout the district
  • Students may enroll in an after-school course that is offered at any school site
  • The Hart District offers pathways in many different areas, including Animal Science, Design, Visual and Media Arts, Education, Emergency Response, Engineering, Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation, Networking, Patient Care, Public Safety, Auto Tech, and more!
Interested in taking CCR Extended Day Classes?