District Events/Dances/Prom

AOC students are allowed to attend dances and events at district high schools under certain circumstances. 

For dances, like a back to school dance or winter formal, you may be able to attend as a guest of a student enrolled at that school but only if they allow guests. Check the school’s policies for each dance/event.

For events open to the community, like sporting or performing arts events, you can attend as a community member which usually means you purchase an entrance ticket. Ask if they give a discounted price to district students. You may have to show your AOC ID card.

For PROM, juniors and seniors may purchase a PROM TICKET to any of the district high schools just like one of their students through an agreement we have with each school. Proms are held in April and May but tickets could go on sale earlier than March 1st. Tickets are usually cheaper when purchased earlier. PROM information, forms or packets can usually be downloaded from the school’s website or the ASB website. You can also get information from the school’s ASB Offices.

The PROM forms include important information that you must know and follow. The forms have an agreement or contract for you to complete and then submit to that school’s ASB Office. These forms are designed for that school’s student—not you as an AOC student. When asked for a student ID#, write “AOC #” in front of your student ID card number so they know you are an AOC student. The student and the student’s parent will have to sign the agreement. The agreements may ask for “library or textbook clearance,” “ASB clearance,” “a fee clearance slip” or an administrator’s signature. Please bring the agreement to the AOC Administration Office to handle these parts of the agreements.    

Due to the fact there are many schools in our district, we do not have the ability to distribute specific information about each school’s event. Thus, you must carefully review the schools’ site website for such information. Please pay special attention to the policies/procedures of each site with regards to purchasing tickets, guest pass requirements, and unique rules at each event. Please feel free to contact the specific school sites if necessary.

STUDENTS, when you go to a school, please follow their visitor procedures to get on campus and go to their offices since you are not one of their students.