Counselor's Corner!

9th Grade Students
  • 9th grade students can NOT take COC summer classes. This is not part of the agreement with COC and AOC. 
  • 9th grade students can take College and Career Readiness classes through the Hart District. More information will be provided in late-February about these classes. They take place in July. 
  • Those currently enrolled in AOC's HA2T class have an opportunity to take a summer Geometry class (based on math department recommendation and STEM interest.) If invited, you will receive an email in late-February. If invited, the class will take place in July. It is online with online LIVE testing and commits students to taking higher level math courses at COC. This class is only for AOC students as the district does not have "get-ahead" classes over the summer.
10th Grade Students/11th Grade Students
  • Appointments to meet with Ms. Grijalva begin on January 25th. During Advisement, students will be able to sign-up. These "Grijalva Appointments" are meant to create/edit their AOC Education plan. 
  • 10th grade students can begin taking COC summer classes this year. If a student wants to take a summer COC class, please make sure that they see me by Feb.10 so that we can plan accordingly. 
  • COC Summer Session dates are not published yet (usually there are 4 different sessions), if they follow last year's schedule it will be as follows. Class selection will be discussed during your child's "Grijalva Appointment"
    • Summer Session 1: June 5 – July 8 (5 weeks)
      Summer Session 2: June 12 – August 5 (8 weeks)
      Summer Session 2.5: June 19 – July 22 (5 weeks)
      Summer Session 3: July 10 – August 12 (5 weeks)
12th Grade Students
  • Ms. Grijalva will visit Advisement once a month to review college follow-up steps. The January visit was last week and a copy of the slides presented are available on the Counseling Google Classroom
    • Mid-year reports are scheduled to be sent to colleges on January 28th. 
    • If you have not done so yet, don't forget to complete a FAFSA (the majority of 12th grade students have submitted an application already)
    • Students: remember to check your emails and all college portals