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Course Offerings

AOC/COC Course Offerings

These courses reflect the typical schedule for AOC students. 
9th Grade
High School Courses
English 9
9th Grade Seminar
Health (1 Semester)
Human Geography (1 Semester)
Math (see below)
College Courses
CAWT (Computer App & Web Tech) 140 (fall semester)
Counseling 010 and 111 (spring semester)
PE (1 class per semester)
10th Grade
High School Courses
English 10 / Honors English 10
Modern Civilizations / Honors Mod Civ
Chemistry/ Honors Chemistry
Math (see below)
College Courses
College Math (if not taking math at AOC)
IGETC Area 3/4 (1 class per semester)
PE (1 class per semester)
11th Grade
High School Courses
English 11 / Honors English 11
US History / Honors US History
Elective (See List Below)
College Courses (6-11 units per semester)
College Math
IGETC Areas 3-5, LOTE (language other than English)
12th Grade
High School Courses
English 12 / Honors English 12
Government / Honors Gov (1 Semester)
Economics / Honors Econ (1 Semester)
Elective (See List Below)
College Courses (6-11 units per semester)
IGETC Areas 1-5

High School Courses
Algebra I or Honors Algebra I
Algebra II or Honors Algebra II/Trig

College Courses
All students take the COC Math Placement exam after completing high school Algebra I/Honors Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II/Honors Algebra II/Trig. Placement results determine which course students take first. Educational goals determine course scope and sequence. Each course is one semester in length.
Math 058 Algebra Preparation
Math 060 Elementary Algebra (Algebra I)
Math 070 Intermediate Algebra (Algebra II)
Math 075 Intermediate Algebra for Statistics
Math 083 Geometry
Math 102 Trigonometry (college level)
Math 103 College Algebra
Math 104 Pre-Calculus (college level)
Math 140  Introductory Statistics
Math 211 Calculus I
Math 212 Calculus II
Math 213 Calculus II
Math 214 Linear Algebra
Math 215 Differential Equations
Math 240 Math Analysis for Business/Social Science
Year Long
9th Grade Seminar/10-12 Advisement
Student Government (ASB)
Virtual Enterprise

Semester Long (offers vary each semester)
20th Century Wars
Beginning Computer Programming
California History
Contemporary American Problems
Non-Profit Ventures
Scientific Contributions in History
Scientific Developments in History