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Honors Information ACTIVE

AOC Honors Program

AOC offers honors classes for grades 10-12 in English and social studies and since these classes are teamed, students are enrolled in both subjects. Honors Chemistry is open to all students needing chemistry. Honors Algebra II/Trigonometry is open to qualified students.


Entrance into AOC Honors is determined by exam except for Honors Algebra II/Trig which is determined by evaluation of student records.


The Honors entrance exams are open to all interested students. The exams are given on a Saturday in March for placement in the following year.


Students selected to participate must:

  1. Complete the spring semester with grades of A and B.
  2. Maintain acceptable attendance in high school and college courses.
  3. Not have any significant behavior problems.

Program Description 

Honors students at Academy of the Canyons distinguish themselves through their desire for a more demanding curriculum that challenges their abilities beyond traditional programs of study.  To qualify for placement in honors courses at Academy of the Canyons, students must have shown outstanding performance, academic maturity, and a strong work ethic in previous classes of comparable subject matter.  To maintain placement in an honors class, students must demonstrate that their placement is appropriate by meeting the level of rigor with completed, timely assignments that reflect the quality expected of honors students.  It is expected that students will earn an 80% or higher in all weighted categories of the course, and a student that earns less than 80% in any category at the end of each semester can be placed in a college preparatory class.  Extreme extenuating circumstances affecting health and welfare will be taken into consideration by honors teachers and administration.


Enrollment in the AOC honors program will be done on an individual basis. We reserve the right to deny enrollment to any student failing to meet desired criteria.